DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY! – 10 Ways To Be More Optimistic in 2017

Each time we enter into a New Year, I find myself filled with excitement and optimism that the coming year will be better than the years that preceded it, and that all my hopes, dreams, and hearts desires will come true in the New Year!

2008 was a rough year for many of us!  Maintaining a positive attitude isn’t always easy, but it is vital for overall health!  A good attitude can play a big part in boosting the immune system to fight off illnesses while giving you strength to get through the rough times.  By thinking optimistically, you can actually increase your odds of living longer!

It may not seem like it, but being optimistic is a choice you make, and it obviously doesn’t come natural to everybody.  It’s something you have to work at from moment to moment.  Metaphorically, life is like a roller coaster ride… there’s always going to be ups and downs, that’s just part of the balance of life!  It’s just a matter of accepting that fact, focusing on the positive, and enjoying the journey!   It’s how you react during the hard times that arise, that can help you make it through in one piece.  Even eternal optimists have bad days, but an optimist looks at the brighter side of life, finding solutions rather than problems, and opportunities rather than hurdles.

By seeing the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty, you’ll handle stress better, get sick less often, and experience more success in work, relationships, and everything you do!

10 Ways To Be More Happy!

  1. Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last –  Visualize the kind of life you want and go for it!  Stop putting things off!  Remember – Life is meant to be fun!  Focus on your dreams and shoot for the stars!
  2. Focus On Yourself – It’s NOT being selfish!  You have to look out for #1 -YOU!  As women we’re so preoccupied taking care of husbands, kids etc., that often times we deny our own needs and lose ourselves in the process!  Take care of yourself first!  By having healthy self-love, you will be a happier, healthier, more productive person and will have more energy and optimism to give to others!
  3. Let Go Of People And Things That Drain Your Energy – Life is way too short to spend it with people who bring you down or doing things that make you unhappy!  Surround yourself with people that lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself!
  4. Think Positive Thoughts – If your negative attitude has become a perpetual habit – Reprogram your thinking!  Read self-help books, listen to motivational tapes, meditate, recite daily affirmations or inspirational quotes
  5. Live In The Moment – We live in such a fast paced society that sometimes we get so busy, we forget to pay attention to what is going on.  Stop and look around you – Use all your senses.  Focus on the beauty that surrounds you.  See the vibrancy of the colors, breathe in the scents in the air, feel the sunshine on your face.  Children live in the moment – Rediscover your inner-child!
  6. Laugh And Laugh Often – Laughing raises your endorphin levels.  Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones produced in the brain.  When endorphins are released you get a sense of happiness (euphoria), it improves your mood, increases pleasure, and suppresses pain both emotionally and physically.  Laughing, Exercising, and having an Orgasm, are all excellent ways of raising your endorphin levels!
  7. Get Yourself Moving – Exercise is vital to health and happiness!  Whether you take a 30 minute walk, go for a bike ride, or take a yoga class, exercise elevates those endorphin levels and is a powerful tool in enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  And is anti aging to boot!
  8. Let Go Of Hate, Anger, Jealously, And Guilt – These are all negative emotions that just drag you down!  Instead embrace love, happiness, and gratitude!
  9. Treasure Life’s Simple Pleasures – The key to happiness is NOT the the ritzy house or fancy cars, it’s being able to appreciate the simple pleasures and joys in life, like… Hugging your child, listening to up-beat music, watching animals in nature, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, helping someone in need, the feeling after a good work-out, watching the sunrise/sunset, good wine, snuggling in bed, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, getting a relaxing massage, taking a hot bath with essential oils, a sensual night with your partner, giving/receiving a compliment, catching up with an old friend, singing in the shower, walking into a clean house, laughing till your sides ache, accomplishing something you’ve been putting off, gazing at the stars… the possibilities are endless!
  10. Keep A Gratitude Journal – Oprah taught me this one years ago and it really works!  Every night before bed, write down 5 things that happened throughout the day that you are thankful/grateful for.  It may be something as simple as enjoying a delicious dinner to spending time with your kids.  This simple task makes you more aware and really helps you to focus on the simple things that normally you may have taken for granted or overlooked.


Celebrate Life and Find Magic in Everyday!

May the New Year bring you the success, health, and all the love that you desire!  Next time you feel a  little down in the dumps or find yourself in that negative stinkin’ thinkin’ mode – Relax, take a deep breath and realize that YOU have the power within you to change how you feel.  Realize that negative thoughts only escalate!  Learn to accentuate the positive!  With a little practice and by utilizing some of the tips above, you can actually live a longer, healthier, happier life!


While the Holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, it can also create stress on the mind, body, and spirit!  And, it’s no wonder…Life can be very chaotic this time of year -With all the hustle and bustle, standing in long lines for the perfect gift, last minute shopping, and getting together with family (especially in-laws)!?!  So, what’s the answer???

12 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Stress and Tension:

  1. Try to put it all in Perspective – The Holidays only come once a year!  Try to remember what it’s all about!  Think back to your childhood and how much you enjoyed the Holiday season!
  2. Simplify – Shop early or shop online.  This year have a Christmas potluck and have everyone bring a dish to pass.  Instead of baking a half-dozen different kinds of cookies yourself – Have a cookie swap this year.  Have each of your guests bring a tin filled with one kind of cookie (everyone brings a different kind of cookie), exchange the different assortments, and everyone goes home with a nice variety of Holiday treats!
  3. Breathe – Good breathing equates to better health in all realms of life – Physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual!  Find a quiet spot and sit in a relaxed position.  Bring your attention to your breath.  Inhale through your nose, feeling your belly expand.  As you exhale, gently pull your belly in, making your exhalation twice as long as your inhalation.  Do this for 5 minutes as often as needed when feeling stressed or cranky!
  4. Meditate – Quiet your mind and relieve stress by practicing daily meditation.  Whether you take a class or buy a video – Learning how to meditate is a great way to find inner peace anytime of the year!
  5. Soak in a Hot Bath – Light some candles, turn on some soft music, and sprinkle a few drops of essential oils in the water.  Lavender works well for stress!  Relax and Breathe in the scent!  Try to turn off negative thoughts and visualize a place or scenario that makes you feel good!
  6. Massage – There is nothing like a good massage to melt away the tension!  If you don’t have the time or can’t afford the luxury of having a professional massage – Do it yourself!  Starting at the head, use a small amount of warmed aromatherapy essential oil.  Again, lavender has a very calming effect, or try rosemary if you have an itchy scalp.  Rosemary is also popular if you have aching joints or muscles. Massage the scalp with your fingertips and palms in a circular motion.  Work your way down the body.  End with your feet, vigorously stimulating the pressure points. Ahhhh….
  7. Soak up some Sun – Many people experience mood dips in the Winter time.  10-15 minutes of natural light can have a dramatic effect on boosting your serotonin levels and can really boost your mood and spirit!
  8. Take a Walk – Ride a bike, do yoga, make love, or any activity that you enjoy!  Just get your body moving and your blood flowing – 30 minutes is all you need to help bring you out of the doldrums.
  9. Dance – Burn off Holiday tension and lift your spirits with upbeat tunes that make you feel good!  And sing!  Even if you’re no


  1. Journal – Writing things down on paper can really help!  Spend a few minutes analyzing your thoughts to determine if there is a pattern or if you possibly have distorted thinking.  Maybe it’s your memory cells that are negatively influencing the way you feel?  Focus on thinking positive and remember what you’re thankful for!  Try to let go of negative self-destructive thought patterns!
  2. Take your Supplements – In addition to eating a well-balanced diet, taking a good quality multi-vitamin with minerals and antioxidants is especially important in times of stress!  Also, Omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential (hence the name) for strengthening your immune system and combatting stress.
  3. Indulge, but don’t Overindulge – The Holiday’s are the time for celebration!  With all the Christmas parties and family gatherings,  it’s hard to say no to those scrumptious Holiday treats!  So, enjoy… Just remember to eat and drink sensibly!

    Alleviating stress is simpler than we make it out to be!  It’s not difficult,  it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, and it doesn’t even take that much effort!